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Instructions and Help about Former federal employee

So we are the national vehicle and fuels emissions laboratory for EPA so we regulate Motor Vehicles and we regulate motor fuels I'd like to say that we regulate to the largest industries in the country and so the auto companies are reliant upon us to completing our certification work so they can move forward and introduce new vehicles into commerce two examples of that are the fuel economy stickers so that number needs to be certified by the engineers and scientists at EPA there's some testing that's involved with that testing but it doesn't happen mama our doors are closed but they also have to have a certificate admission certificate that certifies that these new motor vehicles meet EPA standards for our tailpipe emissions the basis is all about air quality so I try to stay positive you know and I listened to their so no they don't know I am extremely frustrated that these people are experiencing all of this pain for no good reason this chump shutdown is completely unnecessary tomorrow will become the longest shutdown in our history and it's not based on any need there's no real emergency on the border no crossings that I have are actually down you know from historic highs 10 and 15 and 20 years ago the crisis is a manufactured by the president who made a big campaign promise and said he was gonna build his big beautiful wall as his words and you know we are a humane country we are a country that needs to both protect our borders and respect and honor and welcome immigrants to this country it's a balance.

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