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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Eopf navy

Instructions and Help about Eopf navy

This afternoon thanks again for joining us including all the world wide web out there again if you have questions please email them to katroo so Jay Lewis le W is she is on Firebird well this is all time to shine here at hrs see for the retirement overview benefit overview section first part I'm gonna do most of the retirement the electrician's gonna come in and afternoon to the retirement process so my name is Valerie Hobson our section chief is mr. John Christie he's actually outside thing we have specialist Phyllis Wellborn Patricia Lewis Theresa Mars and Laverne Wofford and Laverne is not here right now but she will be in later she is the glue that holds our organization together so she keeps us tight you're on a tight ship there as you can see we all service different divisions we do have a new division Omaha I will be servicing that one so we will update the slides with that as well I like this slide here because it shows that the division we serve service but just to let you know all of the specialists on this chart here there's not one any better than the other we're all subject matter expert when it comes to retirement and benefits so if your services specialist is not available please feel free to contact any of the other specialists that's on the chart sorry I lost my clicker something so we do the first one says advisory this is one of those tricky words that we kind of stay away from we our job is to pryou the information regarding your retirements and benefits it is up to you to make your choice of what you would like to do with your retirements and benefits so we pryou the information give you so you can make an informed decision as I said before we're subject matter expert when it comes to retirement and benefit you're gonna have a lot of co-workers that are also subject matter expert I'm not saying don't listen to them but please contact us to double-check that the information you received is correct because these are changing with retirements as as you all know the sickly just changed in 2022 first employee can now use their sickly so contact us if you have any questions regarding your retirements in or benefits we determine eligibility we certify the law enforcement officers service time we deduct deposit service service credit estimates we also process death entitlements for survivor and beneficiary form certification and then the additional benefit programs and financial literacy and training that's what we do this is the overview of what we will be discussing today you got the federal retirement system all the way down to the EOPS this afternoon retirement system we have five retirement system we have two I call them overhead Retirement System CSRs and FERS CSRs if you're CSRs employee do we have anything.


How should I fill out the form for a university entry scheme in the Indian Navy?
on line on Indian Navy website. tx
What is the last date to fill out the application form of the Indian Navy?
Hello VinayThe last date for filling the form has already gone. It was March 4, 2022. Kindly wait for the next application date to come.RegardsAnkita
How do I fill out the Navy TES form if I don't have my 12th boards marksheet?
For filling the form u do not need marksheet .But yes ,if ur shortlisted (based on JEE MAIN RANK/MARK) u will have to produce ur mark sheet before the SSB .If u do not have it u can produce a bonifide certificate and attestated copy of 12 marksheet.U have to specify the reason for not having the marksheet.If u have given it in ur college /job ,u have to get the bonafide from them.If lost contact ur school and get it from them.If lost u have to register a complain in the police station and have the letter ,it will help.
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